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Anyone who lives where I do right now is probably shaking just a little bit. An actual tornado watch was just issued (and thankfully it ended a minute early) for my area. I know I’m not supposed to tell where I live and I don’t want to get specific but I live in New Jersey. We don’t have tornadoes here. That’s for Dorothy and Auntie Em out in Kansas, not Jersey.

My 10 month old is sleeping through it – PHEW. My 3 and a half year old was scared but never came screaming from her room. Me, petrified. At the first loud crack of thunder I literally jumped a foot in the air and started running down the hallway to where my husband was teaching our daughter how to brush her teeth with big kid toothpaste (look for a post in the future about how to manage my serious pet peeve of globs of toothpaste in the sink with a child just learning to spit). I knew that I couldn’t let her see my fear so I managed to slow myself down and smile at them and then disappear – with a pounding heart.

My older daughter doesn’t have many fears. She loves roller coasters and the ferris wheel and the beach and all of the things that kids should love. She is afraid of the dark, bugs and loud noises. Right now, that’s it. My husband is convinced that I made her afraid of these things, after all, I’m afraid of them too. (Yes, I know it’s silly to be afraid of the dark but, as an adult, I know what can be lurking in the dark.) I try to explain to him that kids are scared of things. She’s 3 and while she is brilliant (of course) and advanced for her age (just ask my husband!), she’s actually 3. A very normal, adorable 3 year old.

She did pretty good tonight. I would have stayed with her all night but I didn’t want to give in to my fear and help to grow hers. I know that if she came out of her room in tears I would go climb into bed with her and hold her for as long as it took. But if she wasn’t giving into it, I wasn’t either. My husband did a pretty good job tonight. Normally he doesn’t allow for her fear at all. It’s incredibly frustrating for me. But tonight, he was soft and that was nice to see. During bedtime routine he taught her a trick – put a pillow over your head to protect you from the thunder. It was cute to see them play together. But then 10 minutes later she came out and somehow he didn’t tell her to just go to bed. He went in, tucked her in, held her hand for a couple minutes and came out. I’m happy to say that the rain seems to be settling into a regular rain storm and that we haven’t heard from her since.