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Me and My Sister with our Families

Me and My Sister with our Families

I am very close to my family. We actually like being together. Yes, we have our not so fabulous moments but mostly we have fun together.

My parents have a house in Ventnor and we go as often as we can. It’s my parents in one room; my sister, her husband and their 6 year old daughter in another bedroom; Joe and I have a room and Sari has a room. It’s a full house.

Does it seem odd that my 2 and a half year old has her own room while my niece sleeps with her parents? That’s what this thought is all about – different parenting styles.

We all know there are so many ways to raise kids and everyone has their own opinions. So how does it work when 2 very different parenting styles live under one roof?

My husband and I are pretty strict. I think we’re fun parents and we’re definitely loving parents but we’re strict also. We don’t mess with bedtime or teaching Sari what we believe is the proper way to treat others. I’m pretty proud and impressed that she’s now responding when I say 1, 2, 3.

My sister and brother-n-law have taken a different approach in how they discipline. So what happens when we spend a weekend in the same house? It’s interesting at times however it’s refreshing to see that we can respect each other’s styles. Well, mostly! Sometimes we butt into each other’s business and parenting and sometimes it does not go well. But then there are the times we learn from each other and our kids learn from each other too.